Other Services

New technologies / Tax, Criminal and Mercantile aspects

  • Data protection:
    In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999, a series of sanctions has been established of between 60,000 and 300,000 euros for all companies failing to maintain a valid security policy.
  • LSSI Information Society Services Law:
    We draft legal notices and conditions of use; we audit websites and evaluate the responsibility of ISPs.
  • Intangible asset appraisal:
    This is useful in applications for secured loans or deferred tax payments in order to prove the worth of a company to a hypothetical investor. Appraisal of trademarks, patents, software and all other types of intangible assets.
  • Creation of corporate visual identity:
    Ahough corporate visual identity is often not taken into consideration by the owners of small businesses, it is of the utmost importance to take this aspect into account if the business is to survive in an increasingly competitive market that makes it necessary to stand head and shoulders above other company to achieve recognition by consumers.


  • Internet domain registration / online brand reputation/ SEO positioning:
    We reserve rights over all manner of domains and territorial domains; recuperation and negotiation. Establishing of protocols for creating or improving the reputation of your brand on the Internet. Search engine web positioning.
  • Occupational risk prevention:
    The purpose of Law 13/1995 of 8 December 1995 is to determine the basic text of guarantees and responsibilities needed to establish an adequate level of protection for the health of workers against risks arising from their working conditions, within the framework of a coherent, coordinated and effective occupational risk prevention policy.
  • Criminal, civil and mercantile advisory services. Litigations:
    • Presentation and defending of law suits
    • Filing of complaints
    • Incorporation of businesses
    • Dissolution and winding up of companies
    • Prevention of actions by stakeholders and administrators pursuant to the new Bankruptcy Law
    • Debt claims
    • Drafting of contracts and agreements